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2nd Jul 2012

A large portion of clients of the law firm are out of state drivers.   Depending on your particular reckless driving charge and the severity of the charge, it may be possible for the law firm to handle your reckless driving … more

2nd Jun 2012

A Virginia Reckless Driving ticket can be reduced to a lower non  criminal offense (traffic infraction).  At the conclusion of a trial, based on all the evidence a judge can decide to reduce the charge, or a Prosecutor, Trooper or … more

2nd Apr 2012

  3 types of radars are used in Virginia. Stationary Radar: This type of radar uses microwave technology and can not target an individual vehicle.  Although an individual vehicle can not be pinpointed, the idea behind a stationary radar is that … more

2nd Feb 2012

 Below is a general description of the most often charged Virginia reckless driving offenses in HamptonRoads.  Please contact the law firm to discuss more in detail any below offense you may of been charged with. § 46.2-852.  Reckless Driving, General:  This … more